Why I want to be a Lawyer

All of my life I have dreamt of being a lawyer. I have always wanted to stand in front of a jury and bring justice to those people who need it most. Well that dream happened when I was seven years old, and here I am 24 and about to graduate from law school. As unbelievable as it might sound the real world was just around the corner. The last thing I had to do was find an internship and then I could graduate. That is what led me to this attorney. My advisor recommended I look into personal injury lawyers in modesto and their firms, and see if they had any available positions. Luckily I was able to find one internship spot they had not filled yet. I expected to be getting people coffee or filing reports, but instead I walked in on my first day and was told I could shadow one of their top attorneys. Not only did I get to sit and watch one of the town’s strongest legal minds, but I got to do that in the middle of a serious trial. I sat in on the meetings and observed as this law firm took every piece of vital information and kept report of it. They were very focused on the client and determined to find a way to show the truth and find a way to right the situation. I also got the opportunity to see how deeply the lawyers were invested in each client. They would spend countless hours at the office unaware of the time because they needed to make sure they got everything perfect for their clients. They were not going to rest until they were able to give the best legal advice they could give to each and every client. This law firm ran so smoothly. I learned so much at my time there as an intern, but most importantly I was able to see what a strong law firm looked like. If anyone asked me where to go for legal help I would offer this firm without any hesitation. These modesto injury lawyers will find justice and not stop until the truth is found.

Dynamic Dental

My name is Beau and I was in need of finding a new dentist in the Modesto area. I have lived here my entire life and have gone to the same dentist since I was a young boy. As all things come to an end my dentist retired leaving me to find a new practitioner for myself. The dentist that was recommended to me was not a good fit. The waiting time was much longer than the actual time spent in the chair. Also, the hygienist I had was rough and turned a routine cleaning into a painful procedure. So I began looking around. Now nobody actually recommended this dentist to me, I simply found it online. That being said, I will recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist to visit www.modestodentalservices.com. The moment you walk in you are met with a smile and checked in, and within minutes you are taken back to your chair. The people in this office are personable and invest in their clients, which I find commendable. I went in for a cleaning, updated my X-rays and was checked by the dentist himself. My first impression of the dentist was professional. He was very respectable and got right down to business. I enjoyed my visit, but did not want to make a decision on a one time experience, so I went back after the allotted time and got another cleaning. Once again I was welcomed and seated within minutes. They have plenty of people on staff to make sure you do not wait long. I was extremely shocked to see that the hygienists remembered everything I told them and they were asking me how it had been since. They remembered me saying something as small as I got to go see my nephews first recital and they asked how he performed and what it was about. They do a spectacular job of keeping a professional setting and doing their job, while making a relationship with their clients. You will not be just another number there, but you will have a face and a story.