Dynamic Dental

My name is Beau and I was in need of finding a new dentist in the Modesto area. I have lived here my entire life and have gone to the same dentist since I was a young boy. As all things come to an end my dentist retired leaving me to find a new practitioner for myself. The dentist that was recommended to me was not a good fit. The waiting time was much longer than the actual time spent in the chair. Also, the hygienist I had was rough and turned a routine cleaning into a painful procedure. So I began looking around. Now nobody actually recommended this dentist to me, I simply found it online. That being said, I will recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist to visit www.modestodentalservices.com. The moment you walk in you are met with a smile and checked in, and within minutes you are taken back to your chair. The people in this office are personable and invest in their clients, which I find commendable. I went in for a cleaning, updated my X-rays and was checked by the dentist himself. My first impression of the dentist was professional. He was very respectable and got right down to business. I enjoyed my visit, but did not want to make a decision on a one time experience, so I went back after the allotted time and got another cleaning. Once again I was welcomed and seated within minutes. They have plenty of people on staff to make sure you do not wait long. I was extremely shocked to see that the hygienists remembered everything I told them and they were asking me how it had been since. They remembered me saying something as small as I got to go see my nephews first recital and they asked how he performed and what it was about. They do a spectacular job of keeping a professional setting and doing their job, while making a relationship with their clients. You will not be just another number there, but you will have a face and a story.